Have you considered new cabinetry for your home?

New cabinetry can do many things for your kitchen or bathroom, offering spectacular visual appeal, impressive lifespan, and the functionality you've always needed in these often-used spaces. In addition, it's a great way to get the most from your remodel, as cabinets can do so many things all at the same time. If you’d like more information, read along now for facts that could be important in your upcoming project.

The cabinetry of your dreams could be waiting for you

Kitchen cabinets are a great way to add visual appeal and functionality in a space used multiple times a day. For instance, they offer extensive visual options that you can build out using color, materials, style, and design to match any décor you currently have in place. Additionally, if you attempt to match a specific décor style, we can ensure you find everything you need for the perfect look.

These products also offer essential storage space, keeping items out of the way when not in use to cut down on unnecessary countertop clutter. Since these spaces are used so often, accessibility is another key feature we cater to, measuring to ensure everything is well within your reach when needed. We can even help you create a space that caters to specific special needs, so be sure to let us know if that’s something you need.

Once you choose the perfect materials and take all measurements, we can discuss installation and placement. We'll let you know what to expect from us through the process, and we'll listen to your concerns and questions as well. So, be sure to stop by today to learn more about cabinetry and our services.

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We provide kitchen cabinets and more

At Carpetland Flooring Express, we provide products and services that cater to your needs, whatever they are, for any size project. We'll get to know your requirements and then offer solutions through the best materials and services catered specifically for them. It’s a great time to share your cabinetry dreams, as they might be easier to attain than you thought.

From our Greenville, NC showroom, we serve the areas of Greenville, NC, Kinston, NC, Goldsboro, NC, New Bern, NC, and Morehead City, NC, with products and services that get the job done. We invite you to visit us any time to get a remodel underway. We look forward to providing cabinets, flooring, or even a bathroom vanity that performs as you need them to, so stop by any time you’re in the area.